Our Mission

To copiously utilize the internet technology to unite Christians the world over, empower them with knowledge of their traditions that has been in existence for over 2000 years, and foster within them a deeper connection to their Most Holy Faith.


Our Philosophy

Modern technology can and should be harnessed to fulfil our God’s wholesome purpose. We take advantage of the internet technology as a platform to spread the Gospel of Christ Jesus Our Lord.


Our Vision

Ensuring Christians are established in and well acquainted with their faith and can thus impact their world.

As many people consider the internet a regular part of their lives, we have the responsibility of affording Christians with Christian solutions for their life’s challenges – and to ensure that they are not led astray by others who offer ‘enticing’ alternatives to Christianity.


Our Director

Kennedy O. Barukh is a teacher and preacher of the Glorious Gospel of the Grace of God.